Process Hacker
main.c File Reference
#include <phdk.h>

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VOID LoadCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
VOID ShowOptionsCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
VOID MenuItemCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
VOID MainWindowShowingCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
VOID GetProcessHighlightingColorCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
VOID GetProcessTooltipTextCallback (__in_opt PVOID Parameter, __in_opt PVOID Context)
LOGICAL DllMain (__in HINSTANCE Instance, __in ULONG Reason, __reserved PVOID Reserved)
BOOLEAN NTAPI EnumDirectoryObjectsCallback (__in PPH_STRINGREF Name, __in PPH_STRINGREF TypeName, __in_opt PVOID Context)


PPH_PLUGIN PluginInstance
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginLoadCallbackRegistration
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginShowOptionsCallbackRegistration
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginMenuItemCallbackRegistration
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION MainWindowShowingCallbackRegistration
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION GetProcessHighlightingColorCallbackRegistration
PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION GetProcessTooltipTextCallbackRegistration

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LOGICAL DllMain ( __in HINSTANCE  Instance,
__in ULONG  Reason,
__reserved PVOID  Reserved 

Definition at line 44 of file main.c.

BOOLEAN NTAPI EnumDirectoryObjectsCallback ( __in PPH_STRINGREF  Name,
__in PPH_STRINGREF  TypeName,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 150 of file main.c.

VOID GetProcessHighlightingColorCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 222 of file main.c.

VOID GetProcessTooltipTextCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 245 of file main.c.

VOID LoadCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 124 of file main.c.

VOID MainWindowShowingCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 210 of file main.c.

VOID MenuItemCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 175 of file main.c.

VOID ShowOptionsCallback ( __in_opt PVOID  Parameter,
__in_opt PVOID  Context 

Definition at line 142 of file main.c.

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PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION GetProcessHighlightingColorCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 41 of file main.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION GetProcessTooltipTextCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 42 of file main.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION MainWindowShowingCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 40 of file main.c.

PPH_PLUGIN PluginInstance

Definition at line 36 of file main.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginLoadCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 37 of file main.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginMenuItemCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 39 of file main.c.

PH_CALLBACK_REGISTRATION PluginShowOptionsCallbackRegistration

Definition at line 38 of file main.c.