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settingsp.h File Reference
#include <shlobj.h>

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BOOLEAN NTAPI PhpSettingsHashtableCompareFunction (_In_ PVOID Entry1, _In_ PVOID Entry2)
ULONG NTAPI PhpSettingsHashtableHashFunction (_In_ PVOID Entry)
VOID PhpAddSetting (_In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE Type, _In_ PPH_STRINGREF Name, _In_ PPH_STRINGREF DefaultValue)
PPH_STRING PhpSettingToString (_In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE Type, _In_ PPH_SETTING Setting)
BOOLEAN PhpSettingFromString (_In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE Type, _In_ PPH_STRINGREF StringRef, _In_opt_ PPH_STRING String, _Inout_ PPH_SETTING Setting)
VOID PhpFreeSettingValue (_In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE Type, _In_ PPH_SETTING Setting)
PVOID PhpLookupSetting (_In_ PPH_STRINGREF Name)

Function Documentation

VOID PhpAddSetting ( _In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE  Type,
_In_ PPH_STRINGREF  DefaultValue 
VOID PhpFreeSettingValue ( _In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE  Type,
_In_ PPH_SETTING  Setting 
PVOID PhpLookupSetting ( _In_ PPH_STRINGREF  Name)
BOOLEAN PhpSettingFromString ( _In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE  Type,
_In_ PPH_STRINGREF  StringRef,
_In_opt_ PPH_STRING  String,
_Inout_ PPH_SETTING  Setting 
BOOLEAN NTAPI PhpSettingsHashtableCompareFunction ( _In_ PVOID  Entry1,
_In_ PVOID  Entry2 

Definition at line 288 of file settings.c.

ULONG NTAPI PhpSettingsHashtableHashFunction ( _In_ PVOID  Entry)

Definition at line 299 of file settings.c.

PPH_STRING PhpSettingToString ( _In_ PH_SETTING_TYPE  Type,
_In_ PPH_SETTING  Setting