Process Hacker

#include <d3dkmt.h>

Data Fields

ULONGLONG BytesAllocated
ULONGLONG BytesReserved
ULONG SmallAllocationBlocks
ULONG LargeAllocationBlocks
ULONGLONG WriteCombinedBytesAllocated
ULONGLONG WriteCombinedBytesReserved
ULONGLONG CachedBytesAllocated
ULONGLONG CachedBytesReserved
ULONGLONG SectionBytesAllocated
ULONGLONG SectionBytesReserved

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file d3dkmt.h.

Field Documentation

ULONGLONG BytesAllocated

Definition at line 275 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG BytesReserved

Definition at line 276 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG CachedBytesAllocated

Definition at line 281 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG CachedBytesReserved

Definition at line 282 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONG LargeAllocationBlocks

Definition at line 278 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG SectionBytesAllocated

Definition at line 283 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG SectionBytesReserved

Definition at line 284 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONG SmallAllocationBlocks

Definition at line 277 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG WriteCombinedBytesAllocated

Definition at line 279 of file d3dkmt.h.

ULONGLONG WriteCombinedBytesReserved

Definition at line 280 of file d3dkmt.h.

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