Process Hacker

Contains information about a thread stack frame. More...

#include <symprv.h>

Data Fields

PVOID PcAddress
PVOID ReturnAddress
PVOID FrameAddress
PVOID StackAddress
PVOID BStoreAddress
PVOID Params [4]

Detailed Description

Contains information about a thread stack frame.

Definition at line 249 of file symprv.h.

Field Documentation

PVOID BStoreAddress

Definition at line 255 of file symprv.h.


Definition at line 257 of file symprv.h.

PVOID FrameAddress

Definition at line 253 of file symprv.h.

PVOID Params[4]

Definition at line 256 of file symprv.h.

PVOID PcAddress

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PVOID ReturnAddress

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PVOID StackAddress

Definition at line 254 of file symprv.h.

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