Process Hacker

#include <ntexapi.h>

Data Fields

ULONG Reserved
ULONG TimerResolution
ULONG PageSize
ULONG NumberOfPhysicalPages
ULONG LowestPhysicalPageNumber
ULONG HighestPhysicalPageNumber
ULONG AllocationGranularity
ULONG_PTR MinimumUserModeAddress
ULONG_PTR MaximumUserModeAddress
ULONG_PTR ActiveProcessorsAffinityMask
CCHAR NumberOfProcessors

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1382 of file ntexapi.h.

Field Documentation

ULONG_PTR ActiveProcessorsAffinityMask

Definition at line 1393 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG AllocationGranularity

Definition at line 1390 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG HighestPhysicalPageNumber

Definition at line 1389 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG LowestPhysicalPageNumber

Definition at line 1388 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG_PTR MaximumUserModeAddress

Definition at line 1392 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG_PTR MinimumUserModeAddress

Definition at line 1391 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG NumberOfPhysicalPages

Definition at line 1387 of file ntexapi.h.

CCHAR NumberOfProcessors

Definition at line 1394 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG PageSize

Definition at line 1386 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG Reserved

Definition at line 1384 of file ntexapi.h.

ULONG TimerResolution

Definition at line 1385 of file ntexapi.h.

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