Process Hacker
svcsup.c File Reference
#include <ph.h>
#include <winmisc.h>

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#define SIP(String, Integer)   { (String), (PVOID)(Integer) }


PVOID PhEnumServices (_In_ SC_HANDLE ScManagerHandle, _In_opt_ ULONG Type, _In_opt_ ULONG State, _Out_ PULONG Count)
SC_HANDLE PhOpenService (_In_ PWSTR ServiceName, _In_ ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess)
PVOID PhGetServiceConfig (_In_ SC_HANDLE ServiceHandle)
PVOID PhQueryServiceVariableSize (_In_ SC_HANDLE ServiceHandle, _In_ ULONG InfoLevel)
PPH_STRING PhGetServiceDescription (_In_ SC_HANDLE ServiceHandle)
BOOLEAN PhGetServiceDelayedAutoStart (_In_ SC_HANDLE ServiceHandle, _Out_ PBOOLEAN DelayedAutoStart)
BOOLEAN PhSetServiceDelayedAutoStart (_In_ SC_HANDLE ServiceHandle, _In_ BOOLEAN DelayedAutoStart)
PWSTR PhGetServiceStateString (_In_ ULONG ServiceState)
PWSTR PhGetServiceTypeString (_In_ ULONG ServiceType)
ULONG PhGetServiceTypeInteger (_In_ PWSTR ServiceType)
PWSTR PhGetServiceStartTypeString (_In_ ULONG ServiceStartType)
ULONG PhGetServiceStartTypeInteger (_In_ PWSTR ServiceStartType)
PWSTR PhGetServiceErrorControlString (_In_ ULONG ServiceErrorControl)
ULONG PhGetServiceErrorControlInteger (_In_ PWSTR ServiceErrorControl)
PPH_STRING PhGetServiceNameFromTag (_In_ HANDLE ProcessId, _In_ PVOID ServiceTag)
NTSTATUS PhGetThreadServiceTag (_In_ HANDLE ThreadHandle, _In_opt_ HANDLE ProcessHandle, _Out_ PVOID *ServiceTag)
NTSTATUS PhGetServiceDllParameter (_In_ PPH_STRINGREF ServiceName, _Out_ PPH_STRING *ServiceDll)


WCHAR * PhServiceTypeStrings [6]
WCHAR * PhServiceStartTypeStrings [5]
WCHAR * PhServiceErrorControlStrings [4] = { L"Ignore", L"Normal", L"Severe", L"Critical" }

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SIP (   String,
)    { (String), (PVOID)(Integer) }

Definition at line 26 of file svcsup.c.

Function Documentation

PVOID PhEnumServices ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ScManagerHandle,
_In_opt_ ULONG  Type,
_In_opt_ ULONG  State,
_Out_ PULONG  Count 

Definition at line 72 of file svcsup.c.

PVOID PhGetServiceConfig ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ServiceHandle)

Definition at line 159 of file svcsup.c.

BOOLEAN PhGetServiceDelayedAutoStart ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ServiceHandle,
_Out_ PBOOLEAN  DelayedAutoStart 

Definition at line 244 of file svcsup.c.

PPH_STRING PhGetServiceDescription ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ServiceHandle)

Definition at line 220 of file svcsup.c.

NTSTATUS PhGetServiceDllParameter ( _In_ PPH_STRINGREF  ServiceName,
_Out_ PPH_STRING ServiceDll 

Definition at line 475 of file svcsup.c.

ULONG PhGetServiceErrorControlInteger ( _In_ PWSTR  ServiceErrorControl)

Definition at line 387 of file svcsup.c.

PWSTR PhGetServiceErrorControlString ( _In_ ULONG  ServiceErrorControl)

Definition at line 370 of file svcsup.c.

PPH_STRING PhGetServiceNameFromTag ( _In_ HANDLE  ProcessId,
_In_ PVOID  ServiceTag 

Definition at line 404 of file svcsup.c.

ULONG PhGetServiceStartTypeInteger ( _In_ PWSTR  ServiceStartType)

Definition at line 353 of file svcsup.c.

PWSTR PhGetServiceStartTypeString ( _In_ ULONG  ServiceStartType)

Definition at line 336 of file svcsup.c.

PWSTR PhGetServiceStateString ( _In_ ULONG  ServiceState)

Definition at line 285 of file svcsup.c.

ULONG PhGetServiceTypeInteger ( _In_ PWSTR  ServiceType)

Definition at line 319 of file svcsup.c.

PWSTR PhGetServiceTypeString ( _In_ ULONG  ServiceType)

Definition at line 302 of file svcsup.c.

NTSTATUS PhGetThreadServiceTag ( _In_ HANDLE  ThreadHandle,
_In_opt_ HANDLE  ProcessHandle,
_Out_ PVOID *  ServiceTag 

Definition at line 436 of file svcsup.c.

SC_HANDLE PhOpenService ( _In_ PWSTR  ServiceName,
_In_ ACCESS_MASK  DesiredAccess 

Definition at line 140 of file svcsup.c.

PVOID PhQueryServiceVariableSize ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ServiceHandle,
_In_ ULONG  InfoLevel 

Definition at line 183 of file svcsup.c.

BOOLEAN PhSetServiceDelayedAutoStart ( _In_ SC_HANDLE  ServiceHandle,
_In_ BOOLEAN  DelayedAutoStart 

Definition at line 269 of file svcsup.c.

Variable Documentation

WCHAR* PhServiceErrorControlStrings[4] = { L"Ignore", L"Normal", L"Severe", L"Critical" }

Definition at line 70 of file svcsup.c.

WCHAR* PhServiceStartTypeStrings[5]
Initial value:
= { L"Disabled", L"Boot Start", L"System Start",
L"Auto Start", L"Demand Start" }

Definition at line 68 of file svcsup.c.

WCHAR* PhServiceTypeStrings[6]
Initial value:
= { L"Driver", L"FS Driver", L"Own Process", L"Share Process",
L"Own Interactive Process", L"Share Interactive Process" }

Definition at line 66 of file svcsup.c.